The space and freedom to be, inspiring people and activities, care for global transformation, and the opportunity to make a difference.

Pure natural environment, pristine nature, clean organic, biological creative food, permaculture, wild raw high energy food, natural building and  friendly solutions for our planet. 

Living life passionately 

forever friendships,
 love and a heart to heart connection.

PEACE & HARMONY : Offers the possibility to connect to inspiration, to love, to inner self and creativity, the possibility to contribute, to let others contribute to you, the place to be, the place to work, to relax, to play, to be yourself, to let yourself be inspired, a place where you can  to stay for a while, the place to love. -  To learn, to teach, to give and to receive. 

Being at peace and harmony 

cup of tea .. 

While maybe you are asking yourself if it's a good idea to get involved and want to have a taste of the whole idea in a nut shell .. you may want to schedule a visit to have a tour of our place and get in touch with us ..  

lets have a cup of tea.. 

week of peace .. 

Want to get out of the busy and exciting life? and have a week of peace of mind .. we can offer you a week of peace and harmonization with nature.. finding your own rhythm and reconnect to your natural way of being. 

Could be just what your need.. 

longer stay .. 

We strongly belief that a longer stay in nature ..  free of stress and influences of a busy life style ..  maintaining a healthy clean natural diet we can eradicate disorders and disease in our bodies and stay fit, healthy, happy and in flow. 

Take a few months off  

C&B Camping and Breakfast

Are we on your travel route ? We welcome  to our C&B camping and Breakfast at our place. Camp safe on our terrain  and have a good breakfast with us. The freedom of camping and comfort of a home. Traditional farm food ..  our own chicken and ducks eggs  milk and vegetables.  Season food from the garden fresh cheese and more ..  how cool is that ?  

What else can you expect here? 

Between our simple back to basic life here at our place we organize quite a few group activities; workshops, demonstrations, tours and other interesting projects.. some experimental other especially those about natural building just to share the knowledge. If you are interested to participate in one of our projects please contact us  

 Blacksmith weekend

Ever wanted to make your own knife or give it a try to  blacksmiths craft? 

 At Peace and Harmony we organize small beginners workshops demonstrations and small projects with our guests, giving them the opportunity to experience what it takes to bend , shape metal, creating from scrap pieces of metal.   

 Relaxation week

2017:  Have a break from the busy life style and reconnect to nature. Enjoy and recharge yourself by disconnecting yourself from daily must do activities, re-calibrating to the cycle of nature.. your natural living cycle. Giving yourself the gift of just being and the attitude of - can do rather then must do  .. .     You will be amazed what a quiet,  peace and harmony week can do for you.  

Coming up next 

Activities coming up next at Peace and Harmony.  If you are interested in one of those activities contact us and reserve now a place. 

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so the search continues..  for this thing we call love.. what is it we search in love.. why do we even care what love is..  …