About us

Part of our mission is to share what we’re doing with the world; specifically our knowledge and research in natural building, and sustainable living. We encourage anyone to come, visit, and get involved in our continually developing community. Join in permanently or for longer periods. We strive to be a completely self-sustainable community with a back to basic lifestyle, aiming for the re-harmonization with nature, holistic remedies, detox, and other beneficial, natural practices for body and mind.

Keep your dream a life

At this time (2017) i found myself in a new phase of development. I strongly belief that this place has a lot of potential. We have around 20000m2 land which we can use to grow food for ourselves and animals. Lots of healthy old varieties fruit trees Apples and Plums,  Elderberries. And more wild fruit trees needing to be grafted. A starting greenhouse 75m2 and a permaculture bed of around 60m2 plenty of space to be claimed for what ever the community needs. Knowledge and experience in natural building, creative crafts and space we can use for self-expression.

This place, shared with like minded people, building an alternative lifestyle, creating a small heaven for those in need of re-connection to nature, growing food and living in harmony with all living creatures. Can be an example of the way of life for the beginning of a new world.

Living life passionately

After spending more then 27 years abroad in different countries, living the city life style in all it's facets i realized that it's not what i would like with my life .. Although some comforts and sophistication a big city has to offer are still appealing to me so now and then,  my passion is being in nature, study of plants and holistic healing of body and mind. Here at peace and harmony Romania life is simple and basic, it offers freedom to explore nature, in the simplest form, space to be and connect to simple things in life. And i would like to invite everyone to have a taste of living a life in nature.           

... of this place

Initially this community was founded by me and my partner (and kids) at that time (2009), followed by one other member from the uk, and others coming and going . There are still some experiments going on from that period which are doing very well: the food forest, the permaculture beds, some initiatives to build resident places, and many other small projects. With one permanent member, my girlfriend (which although very connected to this place is living in Holland being here just a few months a year), and a few other members who come very often,  visitors and travelers coming and going as part of the community .. long stay visitors trying out a basic-life style.. others organizing meditations, workshops or other activities.. (planned for this summer see blog section ;) 

Currently we are in a development stage with mostly temporary members. The only permanent member is myself, Gabriel Cirstea, though I do hope to expand the overall project to multiple permanent members. It’s worth mentioning that temporary or non-temporary I consider each and every visitor a member of the community and no matter how long or short your stay everyone is always welcome back and shares a piece of this place. I  encourage everyone to become a real part of this project and feel at home here.