About us

Part of our mission is to share what we’re doing with the world; specifically our knowledge and research in natural building, and sustainable living. Knowledge of plants and their miracles .. connection with nature.. and a life style close to our nature as human beings how ever it may manifest for everyone of us.    

You are invited to come, visit, and get involved in our continually developing project. Join in permanently or for longer periods. Share your knowledge and passion. Find your natural life style .. reconnect with your surrounding... share your knowledge.. organize events where people can learn .. share your passion with the world.. 

We strive to be completely self-sustainable with a back to basic lifestyle, aiming for the re-harmonization with nature, holistic remedies, detox, and other beneficial, natural practices for body and mind.


2017 -   Welcoming people from all walks of life with a heart for nature. Opening doors for a natural back to basic way of life, sharing the space and resources, living in harmony and peace, discovering our way of being and rhythm, for this place should be a harbor for those who are in search for a different way of living life and being with others. 

Keep your dream a life

At this time (2017) i found myself in a new phase of development. Although the idea of a living community sounded at that time (2008) like a wonderful dream life.. i am coming back from the term community which afterwards in my opinion implies a certain exclusivity and selectivity.. although i favor living together and sharing a kind of communal  lifestyle.   

Open Space for Natural Life, reassembles more to what it actually this place is, attracting people with respect for nature; humans, animals,  plants .. affinity and desire to live a simple life style, deep connection with nature. 

This place, shared with like minded people,  creating a small heaven for those in need of re-connection to nature, growing food and living in harmony peace and love. Can be an example of a way of life for the beginning of a new world. 

Around 20000 m2 land which we can use to grow food for ourselves and animals. Lots of healthy old varieties fruit trees Apples and Plums,  Elderberries.  And more wild fruit trees needing to be grafted. A starting greenhouse 75m2 and a permaculture bed of around 60 m2 plenty of space to be claimed for what ever this place needs.

Knowledge and experience in natural building, creative crafts and space we can use for self-expression. Offering others the space to be.. 

Visitors information: 

Please take the time to read a bit more about us and this place ..  the things we value and love to share with you and the world. is good to know whats going on when you consider being here with us .