Ever wanted to make your own knife or give it a try to  blacksmiths craft? 

 At Peace and Harmony we organize small beginners workshops demonstrations and small projects with our guests, giving them the opportunity to experience what it takes to bend , shape metal, creating from scrap pieces of metal.   Blacksmithing is a craft that has survived from the beginning of times ..  and seems to be a very popular activity here at Peace and Harmony. Now for the first time we would like to give people interested the opportunity to experience what it takes to be a blacksmith.  

Make your own knife ..  is a 3 day  beginners blacksmith workshop. During this 3 days you will make your own knife. That means : shaping hot metal in the form of the knife.. sharpening it and puting a handle on it ..  for the quick workers there is also a hardening process you can use to make your knife even harder. 

All included: accommodation in tents, all meals, materials and tools. In the evening .. we will have a camp fire, share stories, discuss ways of life or just make music together enjoying a good glass of home made beverage. 

Coming with the partner not taking part in the workshop? What a great getaway for the weekend ..  

Price per workshop participant  : 450 lei.  Max 5 persons.

Price per person not taking part in the workshop but just being here in  enjoying peace and harmony in nature ..  250,00 children older then 12 years 100,00. lei  100 lei =  +/-  25 euro