Sharing love and peace and harmony...  

Part of our mission is to share what we’re doing with the world; specifically our knowledge and research in natural building, and sustainable living. We encourage anyone to come, visit, and get involved in our continually developing open space. We strive to be completely self-sustainable with a back to basic lifestyle, aiming for the re-harmonization with nature, holistic remedies, detox, and other beneficial, natural practices for body and mind.

How can you be part of this experience? 

We offer a variety of ways you can visit us, getting involved, live with us here  from a few days to a few months ..  for retreats, for natural experiences, for participation or organizing in workshops, just be in nature, camping, cyclists coming by and resting, couch-surfing, warm-showers. We often receive inquiries from travelers, wanting to be here with us for a while, enjoying the nature and having a taste of our life style, or where travelers contact us with the intention of helping us build in the form of volunteering. People wanting to take a break from city life having a good sniff of nature and good clean food enjoying inspiring activities with like minded people, other cultures or practicing other languages.. 

Cup of tea..  

While maybe you are asking yourself if it's a good idea to get involved and want to have a taste of the whole idea in a nut shell .. you may want to schedule a visit to have a tour of our place and get in touch with us ..  In this case .. please contact us any time and announce your visit..  

Weekend out 

Want to get out of the busy and exciting life? and have a weekend of peace and harmony? Just a few days out in nature can do wonders You may be amazed of the impact of pristine nature and a healthy natural diet can have on body and mind. 

Longer stay

We strongly belief that a longer stay in nature ..  free of stress and influences of a busy life style .. through knowledge of self and through maintaining a healthy clean natural diet we can eradicate disorders and disease in our bodies and stay fit, healthy, happy and in flow. 

C&B : Camping and breakfast 

Are we on your travel route ? We welcome  to our C&B Camping and Breakfast at our place. Camp safe on our terrain  and have a good breakfast with us. That's the idea .. Well .. in reality people come and have a taste of our simple life here being part of this, be together, eat together .. enjoying nature .. and have fun around the fire camp or have interesting conversations in the evening ..   

Often we organize excursions for our guests.   We are situated in a beautiful area in Arges ..  with many things to see and to do  .. very much near the Transfagarasan route ..  Balea Lac, Manastirea Curtea de Arges .. Schitul Roboaia en Cetatea Poienari. All within a few Km from our place ..  

Come a few days and have a Peace and Harmony experience with us .. 

Day of natural relaxation..  

A good sniff of nature does really wonders with our state of mind, our health and well being .. Many people come just to relax and be in nature ..  

You can be by yourself, plenty of space here just to retreat yourself in meditation or just be by yourself .. or you can join us in the daily life activities ..  or work in the garden  ..  take on a project you feel inspired to do  .. what ever makes you happy. Take a day off just to be the best of you ..   

What does it cost to be at peace and harmony

Depending on the nature of your stay,

  • C&B Camping and Breakfast As a camper, backpacker is sometimes nice to have an interaction with people and have a stop where you can camp without having to be on the watch, having a break, reorganizing and replenishing your supplies. or just have an encounter with a different way of life, interacting with people. put up your tent, have a good meal with us and go further or stay here for a few days ..  15,00 euro per night per tent one person ..  +5.00 euro every other person.  Breakfast (brunch)  included. staying with us .. having a warm meal is also possible .. 

  • Day of natural relaxation..  You can choose to spend your time here as you wish.. taking a day or two free just for yourself  to just be in nature and enjoy your time alone or with us...  we ask for 15,00 euro a night per person ...  enjoy  being the best of  you. -  lunch and supper included .  

  • Weekend peace and harmony.  We often organize weekend activities for small groups where the most popular is a weekend peace and harmony experience .. weekend off either with your own camping equipment or ours and a nice interaction in the activities here or just have a walk in the forest of day of at the river .. or participate in the workshops or activities we have at that moment ..   50.00 euro whole weekend including food and camping equipment if needed. Large groups  should have their own camping gear though..
  • Open space living: 2 weeks or shorter  : 10,00 euro per day per person. Including accommodation in tent or space for your own tent, food and drinks .. being here you are part of an  international group of people. having fun and participating in what ever is going on at that moment .. workshops, excursions, personal development sessions, healing sessions  what ever is going on .. 

  • Low budget travelers, pit stop relaxation and recharging from your travel.. have a few days rest, being here exchanging the best of you, meet people :  7.00 euro per day per person including meals lunch and dinner    

  • For Longer stays will have to set up a whatsapp chat or fb ..  and see as it goes ..

Volunteering at our place ?  

Volunteering is very rewarding and uplifting for all who share in the experience. We give  100% of our time and energy sharing knowledge and exchanging our individual crafts. Every traveler that visits us leaves a piece of themselves here in the form of project making, shared ideas, or a general positive influence.  We receive so many inquiries from people wanting to spend time here and help out, Either from our circle of friends and friends of friends or from one of the websites workaway helpx or WWoof.  We really appreciate any minute you spend helping out or creating something beautiful for others, giving a bit back or paying it forward.  

When we make a volunteering arrangement we try to let you appreciate your own work hours and tempo, letting you decide how long you want to spend working on the land or in particular projects we have going on at the time. We do, however, expect at least a few  hours of involvement from everyone here in the sense of being part of the living here, It will be your responsibility to fill out your hours of contribution ..  sharing in the daily activities helping out with the preparation of food and other activities in the household being not included in the volunteering agreement. Especially when there are many people around is helpful when we are all involved in keeping the place nice  cooking and do the cleaning. 

While staying here we offer clean and creative food, Coffee / Tea in the morning, brunch and dinner mostly organic and from local market  and can adjust to any special diet needs or requests. The food is mostly vegetarian sometimes vegan ..   The work load is relaxed and there are no death-lines, is more like experiencing being part of the overall idea taking on what ever inspires you, what needs to be done or giving us a hand in our projects.  

UPDATE ! Accommodation and facilities 

The guest room is at the moment not available but the camper van can be used where people can stay   and tree tents. there is plenty of space to put your tent and for you to relax,  meditate, etc ..  and lots of opportunities to get creative, all kind of tools you can use and occasionally we have a blacksmith projects or demonstrations. Is a place where we encourage people to take on an inspiring  project and get creative.

At the moment we are only able to host guest with their own camping equipment     Sorry about that ..  kind of crowded in august. 

The shower is at the moment out of use ..  we wash ourselves with a bucket, warming water and washing our selves. We are looking to possibilities for an outside shower .. 

How long can you stay.. 

We prefer committing for at least 2 weeks of stay to have a true Peace and Harmony experience, though the longer you stay the more connected we can all become. 

Work and contribution. 

  • Travelers coming with a volunteering agreement for a specific project, with a set of specific skills needed for a specific project, teachers, people organizing activities, workers for a specific job are welcome to join us in the summer months. Being here we all contribute a bit to the overall costs of the experience, sharing the food, gas, electricity, etc. a contribution of 3 euro per day would be much appreciated. For this group, when we agree on the activity the contribution is left to your appreciation.

  • Other travelers, backpackers, visitors, people wanting to be here for a few days, travelers coming with volunteering arrangement, cultural  and language exchange,  shorter or for longer stay (14 days or more) without a specific agreement on a certain project, travelers wanting to experience basic life style and having a communal living experience, learn, being part of the overall activities, being creative and helpful and giving a bit of your time and energy taking on a project you choose and finishing it, being part of this project would expect a contribution of 5,00 euro a day per person. 3 euro for the people with thier own accomodation.. van,  camper,  tent .. etc .   

  • During your stay you can take a few days off,  being here enjoying your time not participating in the overall activities, still using the facilities here, eating together having a good time with us .. we then expect 7 euro per day per person on days when you don't want to contribute your work hours ..  take some time for yourself ..  

In our humble opinion this contribution is more a symbolic gesture. As we are not yet a fully self sustained community there are still living costs that we have no other source of income for  and we all share a bit in the extra costs we have when people are here.  Staying at Peace and Harmony means sharing the electricity, gas, food, and/or other resources that have to be paid for.  Most people don't have a problem with that ..  People coming to experience the place,  meeting others or more interested in the overall social interaction  .. staying in nature or  using this place more like a pit-stop to recharge ..  Seen the relaxed nature of the work exchange and the easy going atmosphere around here and that most people coming here are more interested in the cultural exchange, the work remains actually not the main reason for us to host volunteering travelers.

Travelers coming from workaway and WWOOF!
 the contribution is voluntary. you must decide if you want to contribute as everybody else or not .. seems that they not include this possibility in their arrangements with their users .. and that not everyone is comfortable contributing more then work in exchange for accommodation and food...  it's not a big deal but it helps of course making life easier and more fun .. so we let you appreciate!! If that's the case with you please say this upfront so we can make a  clear arrangement about the nature of the exchange: accommodation and food against work from your part ..  in this case i would like to agree with you upfront about a specific work exchange before you come here we can make a clear arrangement in regard of what is expected from you during your stay according to your skills and what you would like to do .. 

If you decide to come ..  

Before you come. 

Please register on the site  ..  and write in a few words or more what are you interested in and what you expect from this place ..  what you think you would like to get out for yourself ..  or a few words about what would you like to do, add contribute ..  

How to find us .. 

Basically you want to come to Pitesti Or Curtea De Arges. from there there are buses going to our place. 

From Bucharest airport :
bus 783 to nearest metro station ..  
then to Autogara Militari metro station PACII.
Bus to Curtea de Arges about every 1.5 hours. 

From Curtea de Arges : Bus to Malureni or Costesti Valsan, tell the driver you want to step out in Valsanesti last house. In Romanian would be ULTIMA CASA IN VALSANESTI VA ROG.

From Pitesti, Bascov best place to hitchhike to our place ..

From Pitesti autogara nord, bus to valsanesti Does not go to often but is a good conection .. you would step out first house in Valsanesti .. PRIMA CASA IN VALSANESTI VA ROG..


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This are the next events and activities we organize for the summer until late October..