Sharing love and peace and harmony with you...  

Part of our mission is to share what we’re doing with the world; specifically our knowledge and research in natural building, and sustainable living. We encourage anyone to come, visit, and get involved in our continually developing community. We strive to be a completely self-sustainable community with a back to basic lifestyle, aiming for the re-harmonization with nature, holistic remedies, detox, and other beneficial, natural practices for body and mind.

We offer a variety of ways you can visit our space. We often receive inquiries from the websites Workaway, Helpx, or WWoof where travelers contact us with the intention of helping build up our lifestyle in the form of volunteering. They come for various amounts of time from one week to 2 or 3 months. Separately offered are 3 different options where you do not necessarily have to volunteer, “Cup of Thee”, “Week of Peace”, and “Longer Stay”. Any one of these options can be combined with another. 

Cup of tea..  

While maybe you are asking yourself if it's a good idea to get involved and want to have a taste of the whole idea in a nut shell .. you may want to schedule a visit to have a tour of our place and get in touch with us ..  In this case .. please contact us any time and announce your visit..  

Week of peace

Want to get out of the busy and exciting life? and have a week of peace of mind ..  Just contact us to make your arrangements for a week of natural harmonization week.
You may be amazed of the impact of pristine nature and a healthy natural diet can have on body and mind. 

Longer stay

We strongly belief that a longer stay in nature ..  free of stress and influences of a busy life style .. through knowledge of self and through maintaining a healthy clean natural diet we can eradicate disorders and disease in our bodies and stay fit, healthy, happy and in flow. 

Please notice that we cannot always accommodate unexpected visits, so please be sure to make arrangements before your visit.

Volunteering at our place 

Volunteering is very rewarding and uplifting for all who share in the experience. We give 100% of our time and energy sharing knowledge and exchanging our individual crafts. Every traveler that visits leaves a piece of themselves here in the form of project making, shared ideas, or a general positive influence. 

We receive often inquiries from people either from one of the websites workaway helpx or WWoof or from our circle of friends and friends of friends. We appreciate any minute you spend helping out or creating something beautiful for others, giving a bit back or paying it forward. 

When we make a volunteering arrangement we try to let you appreciate your own work hours and tempo, letting you decide how long you want to spend working on the land or in particular projects we have going on at the time. We do, however, expect at least 5 hours of work from everyone involved in the sense of being part of the living here,  sharing in the daily activities helping out with the preparation of food and other activities in the household is not included. Especially when there are many people around is helpful when we are all involved in keeping the place nice. 

The work load is relaxed and there are no death-lines, is more like experiencing being part of the overall idea taking on what ever inspires you, what needs to be done or giving us a hand in our projects.  

While staying here we offer clean and creative food, Coffee / Tea in the morning, brunch and dinner mostly organic and from local market  and can adjust to any special diet needs or requests. The food is mostly vegetarian sometimes vegan ..   

There is a guest room and a camper where people can stay when available  and two tents. there is plenty of space for you to relax,  meditate, etc ..  and  opportunities to get creative, all kind of tools you can use and occasionally we have a blacksmith projects or demonstrations. Is a place where we encourage people to take on an inspiring  project and get creative.      

We suggest committing at least 2 weeks of stay to have a true Peace and Harmony experience, though the longer you stay the more connected we can all become. 

What does it cost to be at peace and harmony

Depending on the nature of your stay, we all share a bit in the extra costs we have when people are here. Staying at Peace and Harmony means sharing the electricity, gas, food, and/or other resources that have to be paid for. 

As a traveler being part of the overall activities, being creative and helpful and giving your time and energy is 3,00 euro a day per person. Travelers coming with  volunteering arrangement.. 

You can also choose to spend your time as you wish .. taking a day or two free just for yourself  to just be in nature and enjoy your time but still staying on the property and sharing in the food and energy consumption we ask for 7,00 euro a day per person ...  enjoy being you.

In our humble opinion this is more a symbolic contribution than a real cost. As we are not yet a fully self sustained community there are still living costs that we have no other source of income for. 

However, should you be in a special situation where you can not contribute financially we welcome you as well.  For example people traveling very low budget, living from the flow of universal energy,  having no money at all or very little can compensate with extra time, energy, enthusiasm and inspiration. 

How to arrange your stay.. 

Contact us any time. Leave a message with your email address and we will contact you as soon as possible, our site is well monitored. And we check our email at least every other day, so this is the best way to get in touch with us.

Location and how to find us 

Our place is located in Judetul Arges (Arges County), Sat Valsanesti (village), Strada Principala 199 (main street of the village). 

There is a direct bus to our place from Curtea de Arges every hour with the direction Malureni. 

There is also a bus headed in the direction of Costesti but you must be sure to mention to the driver you want to go to the end of the Valsanesti village. Otherwise he tends to take the shortcut to Costesti.

Coming from Curtea de Arges you should inform the driver to stop at the last house of the village. It will be on the right. (Romanian you would say “La ultima casa din Valsanesti Va rog!”)

Coming from Pitesti, Autogara Nord (bus station North) you should take the bus or car in the direction of Bradet / Vilsanesti. After Stroiesti (village) comes Vilsanesti.  Tell the driver to stop at the first house in Vilsanesti  .. (Romanian: La prima casa in vilsanesti va rog ...   show it to the driver he will know where)

Camping at our place:  Travelers on the road..    

Traveling with your tent, van or camper..  you are most welcome to camp at our place ..  

People always have their own mind, ideas and expectations when they plan their free time ..  and that's the good thing of being free to do as you please..   if you are near us and want to camp somewhere safe and come to meet with us you are welcome at peace and harmony .. please contact us to see if we have can accommodate you.. most of the time we do..  This option is more for the independent traveler whom just wants to stay a day or two choosing to  this above staying at some hotel some where..  traveling light from place to place .. meet new people and have a good time ..     

This are the next events and activities we organize for the summer until late October..