Or how does it sound for you? ellasita amiko - take it easy friend just let it be..

...what a beautiful word in esperanto  ellasita  en français libéré in Islandic even more beautiful simply út  and in the Netherlands we call it los laten..

Although joyful and playful ..   This is an exploration journey that can be an overwhelming and life changing experience and can set one free of constrains of the past or present and can create quite powerful results in ones life, transforming positively the experience of life!! Only for the brave ones who are committed to transformation and freedom!     .. let this be your warning  :-)

Isn't it amazing.. so many languages ..  so many words..  so many feelings and so many people feeling... and Wauw .. how so differently sounds it when someone say to you Loslassen bitte!!

How crazy is it, that we people struggle with this feeling .. enjoying life as it is as it comes .. setting everything free to follow the flow it wants ..releasing effortless what we so dearly hold on to, sometimes tormenting us with emotional pain and grief. Alas,  not always in our reach ..  And how nice it would be to join the flow and create the joy and excitement of life and to be the changes we want to see in the world..  That's the ellasita feeling i would like in my life.

.. so we are trying to grasp and experience the ellasita feeling this summer at Peace and Harmony exploring differences and impact, feeling, talking, meditating and laughing and making music and having fun and eat and be together and enjoy life ...

.. getting a closer look at and in touch  with our inner child and explore the duality within us with the help of illustrations and words using them to easily generate conversations and explore and practice the ellasita  in a safe and supportive environment..

I for one would really like this journey to be my learning start point in creating a life which i love and want to see around me.. i belief strongly that through knowledge of self transformation is possible ..  trough maintaining a healthy clean diet we can eradicate disorders and disease in our bodies and stay fit, healthy, happy and in flow. 

I would like to invite you to join us here in Romania  for this experience .. and work out some maybe unclear obstacles that prevent you from owning this simple yet often unavailable feeling.

Starting  on the Wednesday,  7 August 2017 with ceremony of the full moon and ending on the Thursday  21th August.. with a hidden moon celebration

2 weeks and a few days journey. full moon on the 8th with the hidden moon on the 22nd  around this dates everyone should be here .. 

..there is a well defined daily program with lots of activities, including time for relaxation
..a vegetarian organic diet (partly raw foods) : aiming for improvement of the immune system and cleansing of the vascular system and liver
.. as well as time out for relaxation and exercise in the form of excursions.

An all inclusive journey:  full accommodation and all meals. Accommodation is back to basic in tents or camper if available ..  price : euro 15 per day per person for the whole period.. 

Transportation to Romania and from Romania is not included
Transportation from and to airport can be arranged for participants who need it ..