Our greenhouse project:      

The digging

after the digging of the place we let the greenhouse settle a bit. see how the water holds.. 

Making the plant beds

Underground greenhouse ..  

The summer of 2016 we started the construction and the  design of the underground permaculture greenhouse  ..  The work will continue when the design is ready and the time comes ..  now we are testing a bit how the rain water is holding in the middle. The top layer of the earth that was removed has been put back into the greenhouse ready to be fertilized and enriched with new bio mass ..

the water in the middle is holding very good .. so has to be a bit more stabilized ..    This will serve in the end for the reserve of water,  humidity and warmth in the greenhouse  during the dry periods or warmth in the winter.  In the months September and October would like to continue working on this project with like minded people who want to share their knowledge, wisdom and energy to help us out and have a good time with us .. while enjoying their stay in nature. 

..  during this period also two workshops are taking place .. the construction of two rammed earth walls..  and building with cordwood and cob.. also some demonstrations of finishing walls with loam and other uses of clay ..   

Would you like to be a part of this project? 

You can find here some of the open projects we would like to offer to you this summer ..  note that we would like to have some prior contact before you travel to our place ..  so we all have a good understanding and don't get confused about this arrangements ..       For this period  of time (September and October 2016 - 2017) everyone is welcome!! 

I (Gabriel ;-) will assist / work and coordinate the work and provide the workshops and guidance ..  together with everyone that has had experience in the specific field..   we will see who is joining the team .. 

..  in the first place ..  we would like some strong and joyful people man/women (round 10 people)  willing and enjoying getting dirty with loam and clay and having fun with ramming the earth and really working out the biceps and the triceps.. and having fun with water and earth .. not afraid of a good workout ..  and getting hot in the summer sun and then go to river and have fun all together .. and then come back and have a good meal and enjoying the evening at a camp fire telling love stories and brainstorming how we can make a difference in the world.. that's the spirit.. but everyone is free to do as he/she likes anyway ...

.. then we would like some help and a few hands extra in the preparation of the food for the team  ..  we would like to eat good en tasty .. with an exotic flavor and a bit of french refinement and fine touch so we will never forget this summer meals .. everyone enjoying cooking and preparing food .. and want to put some love in it for the whole team is most welcome to join us in the mix..        

.. other people may join and bring in what ever uniqueness the have to bring and make the team complete.. music, massage, dance, stories telling ..  what ever ..  there is plenty of space.

Well all within everyone's  limits of enjoyment!!  .. we want to make it an amazing two months of joy and peace and harmony and move some earth to the right place .. construct the roof ..  and the animal shelters construction (at least the skeleton)  and cover it ..     I am curious to see how far we come ..  

The accommodation for this period will be in tents all around ..  Only children and sensitive people can sleep in the houses ...  really back to basic experience .. i am soo looking forward to this ..  Please come will be an unforgettable experience ..  that i promise you!