Many people asked me how does a day look like in Romania at Peace and Harmony living Community  .. 

and i always replied very.. different from yesterday and the day before and that's because everyday is a new day with new possibilities and new challenges and things to do and learn en see en discover .. if not around us in nature ..  is with the animals we have .. otherwise within our selves..  new discoveries and new adventures.. during a few months many people come and leave, new  

But is a valid and important question worth thinking about ..  and for people visiting, or getting involved in our living community, volunteers, or people willing to get involved in our life here requires sometimes quite some resources and time and it's not for everyone to just jump in the unknown or exploring without having an idea of what kind of life we have .. 

so with this in mind i will share a few days the coming days in different posts about life at peace and harmony .. 

So  ..  today ..  was a quite exciting day.. being the 1 April ..  normally expecting a few jokes..  and being Saturday .. sunny and warm day as warm as it can be in april in our place .. but today was really nice and warm ..  got up around 6.30 being woken bij PusyCot.. (my cat) which around this time decides to wake me every morning asking to let him out .. or give him some food ..  and then let him out .. normally i go to bed and stay there some 30 minutes to think about open projects and what the day requires .. but not today ..  today i got up made myself some coffee and red my emails and answered a few .. 

then started to hear the goats moving and calling .. so have to prepare the milk the baby goats have to be fed by bottle but they are not yet used to me so it's every day chasing one by one and feed everyone ..  one bottle per baby goat .. and one bottle they share afterwards .. like a bit of building trust .. the now learned to trust me and kind of enjoy my presence giving them a bit at the time ..   

Specially krul ninja .. (black and white baby male) is a challenge he does not yet learned to trust and he does not really got the hang of it how to drink from a bottle .. quite funny actually .. but he is coming around and is curious.. very interesting process ..   

then i get them out .. and try to get the mother goat to stay still so the smallest one (bad ass mickey baby female) can get some action and drink some milk from the goat ..  which is also something i have to learn ..  Goat logic vs mans logic ..  so you can imagine that this is not an easy task yet ..  but absolutely wonderful experience ..  

so the baby goats are fed and the mother goat (floortje)  is happy on the field .. is about 10,30 in the mean time the others are awake and doing their own business .. getting ready for the coffee time ..  planning of the day .. although we actually never quite follow it to the letter i still enjoy making a bit of a day planner at the beginning of the day.. this day we decided to eat the lunch earlier .. so before i knew it was already 11.30 when we went to eat ..  

being in the process of building the goats house we had to clean the area around so that the goats could move around and have access to food an water .. en to the grass growing around this area .. want to keep them closer so that they get used to people and have fun with us ..  i want them part of the family so want to have them as close as possible .. 

i can the also observe them see how they behave with each other .. and if they have any problems.. just got them so want to see them every time. plus saw hem eating the berries plants in the garden ..  that 's not a good thing ..  need to put something around that ..  otherwise no berries in the summer ..    

the two guys staying with us at the moment decided to move some earth to the future green garden so that we can plant this summer that would be nice.

with such a nice day is actually nicer to have a trip to the city  .. so we decided to go to the city .. have some city time together..  the city Curtea de Arges is a very quiet and easy going city ..  does not feel like a city but you can find there almost everything .. 

We went to the monastery .. visited the church and walked around a bit .. my favorite place is No Comment . Italian Pizza oven with the best in town .. so we had a beer and a pizza and a good time talking about sharing nice moments of our life ..  very nice open en warm guys .. so we went home .. no bus .. of course Saturday the buses have different program ..    

Nice weather nice day with nice people .. the perfect day ..