This time of the year is important to get some real nutrients in your body.. supplementing your diet with all the goodies are coming out of the ground ..  specially edible "weeds" that people so avoid and try so hard to exterminate ..   they come with much power shooting from the ground.. everywhere you look .. with so much energy and so fresh and delicious .. to know how to harvest and prepare wild plants is a treat for me  every year no matter where i am ..  when it's time i just have to have stinging nettles in the spring 

It's our pleasure here at Peace and Harmony Romania to provide you with a new recipe from stinging nettles which will rock your world.. straiten your blood..  and restore energy after blood loss .. and is very rich in minerals magnesium iron specially.. and the energy of the plant so difficult to get rid of? ..  that power you will get if you eat it regularly..   

It takes but a few minutes to gather some fresh plants when you want to prepare a wholesome meal and it's really fun to do it ..  in this case is about stinging nettle which happy for us grows everywhere on this planet ..  well almost ..   while you are gathering your plants do it with your hands not with gloves and don't be afraid that it will hurt your hands ..  is not that painful and is kind of good for your hands and body.. 

Here is a small recipe witch i enjoy every time in this period of the year ..  March April Mai .. 

First make a thee... boil a bit of water and put a few tops in a big mug ..  let it sit for five minutes .. drink it warm not hot .. you can add some honey and lemon but i enjoy it like it is ..  for the benefits of it. 

Let's eat ..  

Take your Nettles and wash them good .. in cold water .. watch out for insects not to drawn them (or eat them is a vegetarian dish) wash a few times with plenty new water ..  watch out where you gather your plants .. some places now will be sprayed with all kinds of herbicides and this is not good .. you want your plants from a places which is clean and wild .. very important to do your research when gathering around city areas .. take only the tops of the plant are the most tender and sweet.

Once the nettles are washed let them in the last water to sit there while you prepare (cleaning and cutting) a few onions depending on the amount you are cooking ..  garlic i use a lot of it .. for a medium pan 2 persons three big onions and as much garlic as i can carry. handful..  happen to have some green garlic in the ground from last year from seeds which is now very tasty and fresh and tender .. jamm .. so i use that ..  

put some coconut oil (or other oil you prefer ) in a pan with a lid .. and put the onions and bake them a bit until soft and moist.. put the garlic in and add some salt and pepper .. let the garlic just a bit to bake (really not to long it becomes bitter) while you add your nettles which you pull from the recipient you washed them in ..  try to squeeze the water out of them and put them in the pan as dry as possible ..    

add one cup of water and put the lid on .. let it simmer  for a few minutes on a medium fire .. check now and then to see if they became soft .. squeeze some more with a fork.. until the are like a paste ..  add some more water and some curries, or other fine powders you enjoy i add curcuma and english currie .. and let it cook.. add some polenta 2 - 3  spoons spread around and let cook until the water evaporates .. mix the polenta well with a fork while it cooks about 5 minutes on a low fire .. add some more garlic if you like or salt and pepper .. 

to be served with bread, polenta, potatos or even plain .. 

voila ..  time of preparation around 20-30 min.

Rich in vitamins and minerals .. special magnesium, iron. Rich in fibers good for digestion and very energetic plants ..    it's said to help blood circulation when you beat the affected area with a stinging nettles .. 

Well enjoy your meal  .. and stay healthy ..