This year has just begun .. the land around us starts to wake up .. snow is melting away and the plants already started to show up for a new and exciting year .. birds being very exciting to meet new mates chirping and flying and singing around as at Peace and harmony Romania. As for us.. March is very special month..  a starting point as well for the preparations for a whole year of amazing and exciting activities.. as for inviting people and setting up pretty much the whole year ..  initiating activities and interactions with our community and outside visitors or participants.. 

This summer we would like to welcome you for the building of the "Minihouse on the hill" .. A 35m2 house with two rooms. The foundations is already finished a few years ago ..  river stones, gravel and cement..  because it's on the edge of the hill we wanted to make sure does not glide down the hill .. although traditionally in Romania we use river stones for foundations in this region, we used cement instead of lime in the mortar .. but this would actually be the only conventional modern material we will use as we build this natural house. This Minihouse on the hill we want to make it special  ..  working with materials found on the land ..  and as minimal as possible milled wood..  all wood as organically as it can get ..  chopped and made by hand. Let me tell you, is a combination of minihouse, hobbit house and underground (modernized) shelter with a touch of an earthship. (being surrounded at the sunny sides by a greenhouse)  

Cordwood.. Two of the walls will be build with cordwood and a mixture of clay, sand, sawdust and, hydrated lime. on top of that a green roof will be setup. 

Cordwood has been used for centuries traditionally in some cultures and are houses still in existence which have been build centuries ago ..  this method of building is favorable because the base materials are found on our property and is 100% biodegradable end eco friendly. 

We started with the preparation of the wood we are going to build with .. After the selection of the fallen trees in the winter and the weaker ones which are doing less well the others, we cut it in manageable sizes 1.25m long, and bring the on the building site. After that we peel the barks and let it dry until the time comes to cut them again at 30 cm length arranging them in pleasing formations to be integrated into the building. For the light and special effects in the house we use colored bottles to give it a more organic shape and add a bit of magic which i know everyone loves to see ... you know this houses we all admire on the net with the magical play of sun light.


In the house a Romanian terracotta stove will be build which we redesigned to also warm up one of the interior walls ..    one wall will be build where in we would like to integrate the exhaust pipe for the warm fumes of the  stove   which will assure a comfortable temperature in both rooms radiating a pleasing warmth into the rooms..  we want to keep the warmth as long as possible in the house.. mass heating Romanian terracotta stove. At the time the smoke goes up the chimney it will be cold and harmless for the trees surrounding the house. 

Would you like to give us a hand? or participate in this project is some other way?  

Yes you can .. and as you do that you will guaranteed have a fantastic unforgettable time .. the project is already in progress ..  there are activities planned in August and September for the building and finishing the project. These two are the best months to be here ..  being all warm and nice ..  with plenty of wild food and from our own food production..  Just contact us to setup you visit and level of participation.. 

we can use a hand with building, preparation of food for the team, helping around or just for your company having fund maybe play some music and have a great time ..  so there you are ..