An international cultural exchange for young people. A natural life experience exploring alternative lifestyles, friendship and creativity. Learning about nature, plants, wild food, animals and country side life.   Touching living life naturally and passionately exploring personal development oriented programs. Hikes and walks in the forest, foraging food and healing plants. Lots of fun, creativity and relaxation. camping and basic skills surviving in nature.  Spending time together aiming for community living.   

One week: living life naturally and passionately 

You will live in nature, together with an (international) group of young people and have the opportunity of building life lasting friendships. You will be able to express yourself, and find out what you like and learn to create a beautiful world around you.  Appreciating the beauty of nature of which we are part off. 

 .. experiencing  alternative ways of living and learning in a warm, safe and supportive environment. You'll also learn about responsibilities we have towards our living space, the planet and nature surrounding us,  creating projects together while we are working out some of the questions we have around what it is to being yourself  and just simply being the best you can be. 

The whole program is oriented around living life in nature, observing and learning from nature, camp skill, learning about edible wild plants and basic healing plants you can use to heal yourself ..  

Most of all you will have a lot of fun inspiring and creative moments!  

How does a day look like .. 

How much you want to experience? ..  here are the starting times of some activities : 

 6.00 meditation, 7.15 feeding of the animals taking care of the place, 8.00 breakfast, 9.30 inner child session, 12.00 preparation of lunch, 14.30 group activity, 16.30 working individually or in smaller groups on projects, 18.30 preparation of food, 20.00 group activities having fun: art projects, music, self expression and leadership,  camp fire and stories, film activities or other fun activities.. 

Program details and highlights 

Who are the participants? 

- This program is for teenagers from 14 to 20
.. maximum number of  participants 12 + 2 free places 

How many days? 
- 7 DAYS Intensive fun and recreation

What is the financial contribution? 
- 35.00 euro day price including food, drinks,  and all workshops materials

What if someone does not have the money ? But still want very much to participate ? 
- there are 2 places available for free!
 ..  one can also nominate someone else for a place   
 ..  write an email and send your motivation  

What if i want to volunteer as an adult? 

- we appreciate every minute volunteers spend helping out in any way ..
.. please write an email and send your motivation why you would like to be part of this project
.. volunteering during this program requires a contribution of 5 euro per day per volunteer. 

I don't have a tent nor camping material ..  sleeping bag etc.. 

- you can rent it from us ..  50 euro for the duration of the program
... tent, pad, sleeping bag, blanket, pillow

Tell me more about: 

Inner child..  daily encounter of self.

An alternative way to explore aspects of childhood. A period in life everyone of us have experienced differently. Generating conversations around illustration can help us relate to events differently, sharing and listening to others. Learning from experiences of others while assessing ours from different points of view.       

The inner Child encounter is a journey of exploration which is fun, easy accessible, producing powerful life changing results, 

At the beginning of the journey we have an introductory round so everyone can introduce Him / herself .. we then have a sharing sessions about ourselves.  Choose a card and describe objectively / literally what is on the card and then share a bit why we choose this specific cards.

 Everyday  we have a small session  with the cards adding words to it from the other deck and generate conversations around that specific word in combination with the illustration. Other can relate to any card of the participants and share something if they feel like ..   

After a few days we are able to construct a story around the subject and either share it in group or release it into the campfire.. at the end of the workshop most of the time 5th day..

Some highlights

  • setting camp - preparing your sleeping place
  • sharing goals passions and inspiration
  • team work - exploring community   
  • starting the inner child cards journey
  • walk to the forest: forest art making 
  • the forest and wild natural bio-tops
  • natural building : long forgotten traditional building
  • documentary films: about our planet and people 

Other possible aspects

  • practicing foreign languages 
  • preparing food 
  • building with natural materials 
  • creating art in the forest  
  • meditations 
  • dance and music 
  • theater / acts and performances