Connectivity of our time

.. we can not escape nowadays. if we want it or not we are connected with people all the time. Unless we find an empty empty island,  which btw is becoming more and more difficult nowadays, we have to stay connected end work together and deal with the connectivity of the current times.

-  everything is connected

It is the kind of connection we have with our fellow human beings, be it friends, family, colleague or business related connections, which makes all the difference for our wellbeing and the experience of life. 

.. back to basic 

At Peace and Harmony we combine different back to basic tools to stimulate sharing, self-expression, awareness of / and definition of our own or others personal space and limits as well as awareness of the way we connect and relate to others. 

communication and interaction being key components to help us understand ourselves and others and establish an authentic and true relation.

it is the kind of relations we want which makes life fun and full of joy.    

connect to nature .. connect to self .. connect to others

A back to basic approach. It is in Nature we find harmony and effortless interconnectedness, sharing freely and without expectation thriving from abundance and harmonious symbiosis in a wonderfully and magical supportive way with all living beings.   

During this program  we learn and practice new ways to observe nature and relate to. We have a look at our relation to nature and relations in our life making connections and observe similarities and differences sharing and listening to others learning and exchanging. 

Each group  different just like every person is different - We would have to brainstorm a bit to find a concrete program of activities for each specific group. 

There are many choices : from weekend activities with short programs to whole week programs with more complex activities.. 

  • Meditation and stillness
  • Nature observation  
  • Hiking and  walking
  • Creating River and Forest  artworks 
  • Natural building programs 
  • Personal encounters and personal development
  • Camping nature and basic survival program
  • Camping for young people

Please contact for more detailed information depending on your ideas and knowledge of the group ..