Please notice the following terms conditions and delivery information ..  

1) Our advise IS to always check with your physician before using or putting in practice any of the products or information suggested on this site .. and you should educate yourself about plants and natural lifestyle  so you can avoid plants and or remedies which are not beneficial for your body and mind at a give point in time..   

A  healthy life style, being happy,  fit and in flow ..  starts with the ones own  responsibility, courage  and trust in mother earth and a good book about the virtues of everything we find in nature ..         

2) Products on this site are actually not sold ..  although has a money tag on them, is just to express an indicative value and similarity with what we are used to outside our community. They are exchanged for good will people build in their interactions with peace and harmony Romania ..  please visit us to learn more about that.

3) Receiving the products.
We can send the ordered products everywhere in Europe for 15.00 euro additional costs.   The products will take some time to arrive and we will specify this in the mail while we finish the order.

Much love, Gabriel C.