Volunteering is very rewarding and uplifting for all who share in the experience. We give  100% of our time and energy sharing knowledge and exchanging our individual crafts. Every traveler that visits us leaves a piece of themselves here in the form of project making, shared ideas, or a general positive influence. We really appreciate any minute anyone spends helping out or creating something beautiful for others, giving a bit back or paying it forward.   

Peace and Harmony is an open space for living and experiencing natural life, a back to basic once in a life time experience, offering the opportunity connect to inspiring projects and activities, meet people, learn new skills or share your trade craft with others. Express yourself and bring in your unique way of being. 

The workload is relaxed and there are no death-lines, is more like experiencing being part of the overall project, make it your own and take on a project that inspires you, or what needs to be done or giving a hand in the current projects ..  

When we make a volunteering arrangement we try to let you appreciate your own work hours and tempo, letting you decide how long you want to spend working on the land or in particular projects we have going on at the time. We do, however, expect at least a few  hours of involvement from everyone here in the sense of being part of the living here, It will be your responsibility to fill out your hours of contribution. take on some of the tasks which inspires you or you like to do. 

While staying here we prepare clean and creative food. ; Coffee and tea in the morning, brunch and dinner .. Food is organic, vegetarian or vegan. ..  we share in the daily activities helping out with the preparation of food and other activities in the household this being not included in the volunteering agreement. Especially when there are many people around is helpful when we are all involved in keeping the place nice  cooking and do the cleaning.

 Cultural exchange
 world travelers  

home and save haven for people all over the world ..  coming to exchange, connect, meet and share their experiences and wisdom gathered in their travels.. some travel for years, other take a year off, while others just for a short period of time, vacation ..   

Learn new skills and 
new experiences 

a place to learn new skills, participate in workshops and activities, a taste of a back to basic life style, communal living and re-connect,  redefining who we are and change a few things in the conditioning we all have discover being the best of you  

Share your skills teachers and leaders

a place to share your passion, organizing activities, teaching what you belief or stand for, inspire and motivate people in your ideas. This space offers the possibility to develop your and practice your skills with like minded people. 

While being here we all share a bit in the costs of the overall experience.. Is good to understand that when more people are here we use more resources which we have to pay for .. such as gas, electricity, food. We all want to have a good time, having amazing meals and creative foods cakes, breads with all kinds of additions which sometimes requires ingredients that are a bit more expensive then local products. Contributing together a small amount of money  makes it more fun and certainly more easy to sustain this experience. 

  • Travelers coming with a volunteering agreement for a specific project, with a set of specific skills needed for a specific project, teachers, people organizing activities, workers for a specific job are welcome to join us in the summer months. Being here we all contribute a bit to the overall costs of the experience, sharing the food, gas, electricity, etc. a contribution of 3 euro per day would be much appreciated. 

  • Other travelers, backpackers, visitors, people wanting to be here for a few days, travelers coming with volunteering arrangement, cultural  and language exchange,  shorter or for longer stay (14 days or more) without a specific agreement on a certain project, travelers wanting to experience basic life style and having a communal living experience, learn, being part of the overall activities, or just have a few days break, being creative and helpful and giving a bit of your time and energy taking on a project you choose and finishing it, being part of this project would expect a contribution of 5,00 euro a day per person.  

  • During your stay you can take a few days off,  being here enjoying your time not participating in the overall activities, still using the facilities here, eating together having a good time with us .. we then expect 7 euro per day per person on days when you don't want to contribute your work hours ..  take some time for yourself ..  

However.. if you are one of the people living from the flow of universal energy, having no money at all or very little, you are welcome to come as well .. we love you and want you to join us .. don't let the money keeping you away.  You can compensate with enthusiasm, good energy and put in some extra time .. be the best of you .. 

Travelers coming from workaway and WWOOF!  the contribution is voluntary. you must decide if you want to contribute as everybody else or not .. seems that they not include this possibility in their arrangements with their users .. and that not every volunteer is comfortable contributing more then work in exchange for accommodation and food...  it's not a big deal but it helps of course making life easier and more fun .. so we let you appreciate!! If that's the case with you please say this upfront so we can make a  clear arrangement about the nature of the exchange: accommodation and food against work from your part ..  in this case i would like to agree with you upfront about a specific work exchange before you come here we can make a clear arrangement in regard of what is expected from you during your stay according to your skills and what you would like to do .. 

Being here ..  

It is important to mention that any work people contribute to this place .. any minute  you spend here giving your energy to beautify this place is greatly appreciate..    though is important that people feel comfortable and inspired when they approach a project .. working with love and mindfulness, not from a sens of must do something but rather i would love to do that .. putting an intention of love. Owning the place and the project. Bringing in creative solutions.

Some things to take into consideration while you are here .. 

- in the first days you are here we appreciate not changing anything to the surrounding cutting tree, branches,  flowers, plants, weeds of any kind, without consulting. Many medicinal and edible plants grow here which other people consider weeds. Also changing or moving earth, no landscape changing  of any kind even when you think it will improve the scenery. or make it more  effective productive easy or any kind of improvement you may think of.. enjoy the forms of nature as it grows around here and try to adjust to it rather than adjusting it to your needs.   just enjoy being here and be supportive towards projects that are already going on ..  

- while you are here .. be tolerant in regard to other people;  ideas of life, preferences, ways of being. We don't judge others by our beliefs but rather try to understand and see how it fits with us ..  take the opportunity to explore other views of life, orientations, beliefs, etc.. 

- while you are here love yourself, take care of yourself, open up and be the best version of yourself ..  everything is possible and being authentic to yourself is something you can explore here. Share about everything that is important to you .. 

How to come to this place .. 

Basically you want to come to Pitesti or Curtea de Arges from there  there are buses directly to Valsanesti. 

From Pitesti - Autogara Nord to Valsanesti are 3 or 4 buses say to the driver - PRIMA CASA IN VALSANESTI first house in valsanesti 

From Curtea de Arges buses  every 2 hours to Malureni. say to the driver you want to step out ULTIMA CASA IN VALSANESTI
(write this down and show to the driver .. he will know)

for emergencies: 0040763898688 call if you need assistance.