so the search continues.. 

for this thing we call love.. what is it we search in love.. why do we even care what love is..  

... seems essential and important for our wellbeing and the very  survival or continuation of life itself.. something we all relate to and desperately (sometimes obvious ) want  in our life and relations with people animals and pretty much everything around us ..  

is not limited to human interaction only. That's for sure ...  we describe it everywhere in all kinds of situations .. we relate to it differently and have,  or not,  formed our own realisation and ideas about it 

what is this thing called love hey ..  if not the pain and suffering sometimes ..  the reaching out  for the impossible,  although a nobel thing,   killing us slowly and silently  inside, living us empty and abandoned, helpless and without any conceivable  possibility of realising  what we really desire ... 

 is it the thinking and wishing .. the post cards we send or the fb posts empowering and inspiring exploration for love?  a propaganda love that teaches us the meaning of love? or the ultimate sacrifice we all have to make for the loved ones  

is it that being positive attracts it in our life? or is it the act of love the propaganda  in movies and advertisements pretty much every consumer falls for at least once in life ..  

does a supreme definition even exists? can we find the ultimate formula for love ..  a love potion that makes it clear and applies to everything?

does it have to be measurable? Like how much love can you handle right? 

is it the intimate connection with everything or anything in particular... anyone maybe or someone ? 

is it the personal understanding and feeling connected,  present and conscious to all life 

or maybe the answer is to be found within ourselves in the sharing and being ruthless compassionate with ourselves and others, non judgemental or understanding at least.

 Acceptation? Tolleration? Integration? Exclusion? Seclusion? Inclusion? Dependency? Interdependency? what the heck is it ? 

what claims this thing called love to be true ? 

I love you ..  what does it mean? how does it work what is that.. you say you love me .. i say i love you so we love each other .. but what does it mean? 

so  ..         you see my friend this thing called love.

2017: in search for love 

2017 's theme : what is this thing called love .. and i have had often little lovely exchanges on this subject  with many people..  asked the question..   

it seems no body really can give an answer that can be applied generally like a formula to any situation we encounter related to this subject and i sincerely dont have one either

2018 : thoughts on love

.. 2017 - 2018 what about throwing away any mask we may have presented to the outside world and put out the fires which were created by those masks .. showing our true selves in full power and standing tall for who we are and what we want ..  for what is not available does it even really exist? what we have we must cherish and give ourselves to it and embrace it fully with all that we are this the kind of love ?... 

For me ? I arrived at the conclusion that love is and universal, omnipresent, eternal stream of pure bliss waiting for me to connect in such a way that anyone and anything i want to reach out to can relate and connect letting the flow feel my heart.  Is the exchange, experiencing all that without so much as  thinking about it .. 

Thankful, grateful and blessed just with what it is measurable, palpable, visible and present in my life right now!