At Peace and harmony we live a simple back to basic life ..  and the weather is an important factor to consider ..  from the experience we have with people visiting us i would like to give you some tips what to bring with you so your stay will be more enjoyable. 

First and very important sleeping equipment ..   a good sleeping bag is always needed... it will keep you warm even if you sleep in the rooms can be a bit chill..  warm and thick preferably a natural fiber filled with natural materials are the best sleeping bags. Or look for one which has a temperature rating around 0-10 celsius.. .    

For the evening when we sit outside is good to have a good warm sweater and pants even at the fire outside some days could be quite cold..

other things to consider .. 

Rain protection  .. boots or water proof shoes... when it rains it rains .. we better make sure we stay dry .. there are some boots around here but they are not always fitting :-)  

Bring what you think you need most! Special dietary requirements, supplements or vitamins,   in the village is a small shop but they don't have everything ..  just the basic .. so if you have special needs take it with you from arges or pitesti  ..